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Welcome to Harbin!
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Travel guide of Harbin

>>Seven-stories pagoda tower
It is build by 44 of case spread disciple which one of five of Zen Buddhism Linjizong in 1924, lie in the east of Jile temple, it is the octagonal seven - storied pavilion type brick tower. About 37 meters high, overall arrangement is domestic and rare, towards the south in the front, connect with the brick and hide the hall building the hard mountain type closely. Hall connect three rolls of canopy open Rooms, respectively set up tower Bell and Drum Tower of two layers in the east side and the west side. Tower the east , the south , 3 of west , more than three layers in the north turn on the window, except that all set up the niche for a statue of Buddha of the arch outside, mould it with 31 of relief vivid karats. The hall and tower communicates, enshrine and worship three Big Buddhists, four Bodhisattvas, and such seven bronze statues. There are wooden ladders in Buddha's tower, it is suitable for climbing and viewing and admiring. Hall and tower sparrow of eaves take bird to other images such as Dragon, phoenix, lion, crane, and the model is vivid. Some component and style of the tower have the western building ornamentally.

>>Northeast tiger forest garden
It is situated in the newly developed area north Harbin's pine, separated from famous the Sun Island of tourist attraction only by a strip of water. The forest garden covers an area of about 1,200,000 square meters at present, among them the tiger garden covers an area of 260,000 square meters in the garden, it is the largest Northeast tiger wild natural garden in the world at present.
Putting the billows fierce tiger of 30 spots in a suitable place to breed naturally in the garden, state of the amount of quantity is good, can be rated as world-classily, what deserves particular mention is, in order to carry on to Manchurian tiger wild to train, garden plan a series of animals from chicken to ox.. Visitors can choose several kinds of wind or one kind among them according to one's own taste sum economic conditions, rendered to in the tiger group from the job car, the scene which the tiger of that population prays on is absolutely unique in the world. Though open, because it is very good to throw in the result of eating alive, that firm tiger fights for and thrill, stimulate the interesting scene, make people look over and can not forget, praised by domestic and international visitors. Fall over each other to fumble imitatively at the regional zoo, but restricted by field, especially quantity and quality of the tiger are limited, can't far reach the input result of this garden. Meanwhile, the second stage of forest garden's improvement project will begin in the near future, after building up successively, its characteristic will rely mainly on the fact that northern beasts, bird's birds are the main fact; great group is put in a suitable place to breed naturally, and carry on the transformation to the existing service facility. When the time comes, Northeast tiger forest garden will collect, visit food and beverage, constellation, amusement, shopping for an organic whole, become another domestic recreation and famous scenic spot of the travel.

>>Jingbo Lake
It is goes through volcano eruption five times, is blocked the high mountain barrier lake that the river formed by the lava, it is a rare high mountain lake in the world. It is well-known as too natural to have unique graceful bearing of decorations and high and very mysterious view, national famous scenic spot and summer resort.
The peculiar "underground forest" is another wonderful view of the scenic spot of Jingbo Lake. Lie in Jingbo Lake west of 50 kilometers, located in Zhang Guang mountain range elevation kilometer of remote mountains areas. According to investigating, The size is different because here the volcano stops after erupting, the crater magma is cooled and shrunk, top sink naturally slump, it similar to basin, such as well, like 10 craters of dustpan. Change ten million annual vicissitudes, nature give it put on green to install again, become famous crater virgin forest in the world, area of woods up to 67,000, grow red tree, purple linden, yellow pineapple, yellow scale tree, larch and precious varieties of trees. This green natural treasure-house, has offered to scholars such as Chinese and foreign geology, geography, history, living beings and enriched the valuable scientific research materials.

>>Crater virgin forest
It is lie in the territory of Shalan village of NingAn county, place of 45 kilometers in the northwest of Jingbo Lake. Because magma that squirt cool and shrink, fire mountain top slump thereupon, form inboard wall precipitous many crater, crater diameter is 50 ---500 meters, deep is 40 ---145 meters, elevation is 900 ---1000 meters. Jingbo volcano is the dormant volcano breaking out to moor the volcano. Broke out about 10,000 years ago, form the uniform size of 10 craters. Change through ten million annual vicissitudes, has formed the sunken peculiar and rare "underground forest ", so call the crater virgin forest. This kind of phenomenon is rather rare, because of its environmental particularity, it is not merely becomes the beautiful scenic spot, and become the research base of Chinese and foreign geographers, ideal scientific of historian, biologist. The third Crater is the most heavy one of the ten crater, diameter up more than 500, more than 200 deeply, visitor can through artificial step to the middle part of crater, seek deep and remote to visit, Hole bottom forest luxuriantly dark and beautiful, cloud and mist curl up, a burst of air conditioning insert fragrant to blow on, attack, make people mind move swiftly, make you wonders to be in the sky or underground..
There is Contain abundant resources in the underground forest, there are famous and precious timber such as red tree, virgin larch, purple linden, Manchurian ash, yellow pineapple; There are rare medicinal herbs such as ginseng , Radix Astragals, Sanqi, Wuweizi, etc; There are famous and precious delicacies from mountain such as Auricular, hazel mushroom, brake tender leaf ,etc.. Not lacking the little animal at the same time, when visitors ascend step by step and leave, there is bird flying, snake creeping, rabbit slipping a line, mouse that walks among common forest, one slice is overflowing with vigor. learn according to scientist here not only have little animal described above haunt, also red deer, wild boar, black bear, etc loud animal haunts, even there is a scarce blue and green sheep of national protected animals that haunts, can be rated as " the underground zoo". Visitors go to the end of stone step, go to the crater bottom. The crater bottom is smoother, seem not to award very. Take a little care, easy to find here hide the fire mountain melts hole. It is abnormal to melt the temperature in the hole, there is thin ice in cool summer, and there is clear spring in severe winter, very peculiar.
Crater forest have important scientific value to geology, ground form, plant and animal of studying here, it is a great natural landscape of traveling in the Northeast too.

>>Scene of Song Hua River
Song Hua River is the heaviest tributary in Heilongjiang province. It is have two main tributary too, the one is come from Mountain Baitou second Song Hua River of Tianchi, another is come from light Nenjiang of Xing'an Mountains, two tributary converge in Fuyu County and start to claim Song Hua River, turn towards the Northeast to running into Heilongjiang with the river county. Total length is 1,840 kilometers, 540,000 sq. km. of drainage areas. Song Hua River basin range mountain ridge overlap, abound with virgin forest, the tree all accumulate in Daxing'an Mountain range, little Xing'an Mountains, Changbai Mountain timber at the mountain range is about 1 billion, it is the most loud forest district in the area of China.
Song Hua River is a large fish farm of Tamshui of the Northeast of China too, there are carp, minister, sturgeon, wise Luo's fish that supply with every year, are up to more than 40 million kilograms. So Song Hua River is really a main artery of the Northeast.
Song Hua River in winter, it severe cold, drop to minus 30 degrees centigrade sometimes, form ice age is as long as five months. This section inserts river surface with warm current, the steam round and round is rising constantly, condense on the fine willow branches, leaf of the bank, form one cluster, bunches of sparkling and crystal-clear frost which is like jade, generation when long dyke of 5 kilometers becomes exquisitely carved, silver one immediately. This is a "the tree is hung" wonderful view well-known throughout the country.
The cableway of Song Hua River is had between the Sun Island and Harbin, span in Song Hua River, board the cable car, the Sun Island scene, the beautiful scenery of Harbin, have a panoramic view, covers all at one glance. The best view point, brand-new visual field, adopt Austria and wear more first-class apparatus of company of agate industry, tower from shelf to 70 over of river surface, 1156 of total length, safe and comfortable, like stroll in cloud, one leisure and two kinds of feeling.

>>Yuquan hunting ground of Harbin
Yuquan hunting ground of Harbin lies in the wide mountain range in the province of Heilongjiang province, it is 55 km from the urban area, the 17 mountain peaks are more than 300 meters high, the undulating ring of zigzagging, round the place of 3,000 hectares. Trickle in spring four seasons among the mountains, dense secondary forest belt perches more than ten kinds of wild animals such as flying dragon, pheasant, Mongolian gazelle, roe deer, red deer, sake, hare on the mountain.
Yuquan hunting ground is the most heavy closed hunting ground at present, have strong the North national conditions and customs and have European style building with hunter campsite ---Eight watchtowers are representatives. In summer, the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains here, combine together, the function for holidays attracts Chinese and foreign visitors by going to summer resort uniquely. Yuquan hunting ground in winter is full of mysterious romantic color, go hunting, ski, ride a horse, the wild barbecue often makes visitors enjoy oneself so much as to forget to go home.

>>Longevity National Forest Park of Bing County
It is lie in the south of Bingxi Village of Bing County, from Harbin urban area 50 kilometers, cover an area of 773 hectares, determined as the national-level Forest Park in 1992.
The National Forest Park of the longevity is the nearest natural Forest Park from Harbin. Nathan forest of the garden is dense, the different mountains rise and fall, the peaks rising one upon another, there are three major scenic spots of Zhenxiang peaks, Qingtian peak and BeiYin Mountains, has already found more than 70 places of view of beauty spot, the different stone of various strange mountains can be found everywhere, the scenery is graceful, fascinating. Longevity national Forest Park is the ideal destination of forest tour, forest perch many kinds of wild animal and birds, the common ones include more than 130 kinds, forest coverage rate is up to 92, every beauty spot is distributed rationally in the garden, can arrange the reach three -day tour.

>>Acheng Jing emperor Wanyanaguda tomb site
Wanyanaguda is the emperor as a founder of the state in Jin Dynasty, for the First Emperor earthen bowl second son rob, real name Wanyanaguda, Chinese is called Wen. Born in 1068, ascended the throne in 1115, 9 years in place, it is complemented for seven years (1123) and died of illness while resisted Liao in September.
Aguda reclaimed emperor building gold Dynasty on 1115 year, all his life finish two things that found the state and break distant, He is a remarkable hero of the Nvzhen. and is honored as " the great holy emperor " in two years (1116 ); It know as military Yuan's emperor in three year (1125 year ), emperor who found a state of posthumous title of an emperor.
Acheng Jing emperor Mausoleum location is bury imperial tomb location for the first time, lie in south suburb of city, it is from Jing Shanghjing Huining building about 300 meters, in the beginning of Jing Dynasty would rather Ningshen hall, it last " temple of the emperor who found a state", claim Aguda temple, locality commonly called as " cut platform", The mausoleum site is the big radix which for assumes the turtle shape and the high approximately 10 meter. The girth of bottom of grave mound pile is over one hundred meters in the location of imperial tom; cover an area of nearly one thousand square meters. The grave of Wanyanaguda rebury three times. Called Rui at the number when burying for the first time, emperor change bury to Hukai mountain (and imperial tomb) in Huangtong four year (1144 year); Chastity changes to bury on the mountain of the Dafangshan (the Fang mountain of Beijing today) again in Zhenyuan three years (1155), still called Rui imperial tomb.

>>Jile temple
It is located in DongDa straight street No. five of the district of Nangang of Harbin, established in 1921, completed and opened in 1924. Covers an area of 57000 square meters, it is one of four major famous Buddhism temple of three provinces in the northeast of China, enjoy equal popularity with Changchun Banruo temple, Shenyang kindness temple, stupefied tight temple of Yingkounong. It is the place that Buddhist pays one's respects to northern Buddhism Holy Land paid homage, also is Chinese and foreign visitors that view and admire the scenic spot had a look around too.
The body adopt of Jile temple use blue brick, rolls of eaves, yellow tile all extremely, according to old times courtesy, the rank is the highest. Its global design, overall arrangement and building structure, have kept style and characteristic of the temple building of our country. Sit in the north of the temple, overlooking in the south. Entered the mountain door, it was the second floor of bell tower that saw at first. Temple in the front yard is 3 parts across institute horizontal to assign main institute, the east step institute and the west. The building of main institute is more than 1800 square meters, divide four great halls: One is king's hall, for filling and tying Buddha tight in the centre, the things have four major kings; Two Mohair Temple, the loudest hall of whole temple, offers Shijiamouni; three is the three Temple of God, four is in floor of Tibetan Scripture. The front of king's hall is Bell and Drum Tower from side to side. Still there are side halls in a palace or temple on both sides in the courtyard. This temple is the largest modern Buddhism temple building of Heilongjiang. There are famous seven-story pagoda towers in the east courtyard.
In the eighth day of fourth lunar month in every year, 18 and 28 celebrate day of Buddha, Jile temple hold the grand temple fair extremely, bustling with activity, lively and outstanding.

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