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Welcome to Harbin!
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Harbin Shopping

Harbin is one of the largest commercial cities of the Northeast, the commercial building stands in great numbers on every large street in the city, there are famous forest companies, Department Store of Harbin, commercial building of Jiangnanchun, masses type shopping square such as commercial building on Hart shopping square , Harbin commercial market, Manhattan commercial building, HuaLian commercial building , central store, new world general merchandise, Songlei international commercial building; also have large-scale comprehensive wholesale market such as build street shoes city, Haxi clothes city,Dafa wholesale market, Sanke wholesale market, etc. There are numerous shopping business street, the pedestrian street and light evening market such as Chinese and foreign the people's trade markets, underground business street of international trade city, Renhe underground business street, underground business street of gold street, unite and promote underground maket, the centre pedestrian street, city of underground trade and business of Chengde, red flag underground international trade city, and there are buses to pass through in these places , it is very convenient. Local product of Harbin abundant, have "Northeastern Tirana ", "LongJiang 4 value highly" etc, can't count to the limit.

The special product in Harbin

>>Northeastern Tirana
Tirana refers to ginseng, marten, and pilots’ antler angle. Ginseng, divide into wild (claim the mountain ginseng) and artificial culture (claim the garden ginseng ) two kinds, it is more like humanity, famous and precious Chinese medicinal materials, there is primordial qi of mending, nourish blood and promote salivation, allay excitement on function of benefiting intelligence etc., it is most famous to regard wild ginseng produced in Changbai Mountain, Harbin is mostly joining in gardens; The marten is a skin of the sable, the sable is the wild animal living in the remote thickly forested mountains, it is a treasure in the fur coat cover of our country, that produced is top grade with Harbin; The pilots antler horn means the male deer's young horn but with fine hair is one of the most precious tonics in traditional Chinese medicine.

>>Long Jiang four valuable highly
Four valuable highly refer to bear's paw, elk nose, flying dragon, hedgehog hyena fungus. Bear's paw, call bear hoof too, famous and precious material that diet planted, it is very good nourishing food; Elk's nose is a nose of the elk, the elk is one kind of deer, the elk has nutritious nose, contain rich amount of protein and iron, it is the advanced tonic; Flying dragon, have another name called Huaweizhen grouse, Song grouse, famous delicacy from mountain wild, classified as second in country and protected the birds now, can raise artificially; Hedgehog hyenas fungus plant, have another name called hedgehog hyenas mushroom, because entity similar to hedgehog hyenas gain the name, it is the strange nice food enjoying equal fame with bear's paw, sea cucumber, shark's fin, has already begun artificial culture to test now.

>>Three Hua and five Luo
Three Hua are claiming jointly three fish as Aohua, Bianhua, Jihua. Five Luo are 5 fish claim jointly as Zhe Luo, Fa Luo, Ya Luo, Tong Luo, Hu Luo. Aohua, the meat is delicate, sting few, it is one of four major famous fish in Tam water of our country; Bianhua, meat is fat and tender, the fat content is extremely abundant ; Jihua, the crucian carp, used for cooking the soup or eating steamily more, it is milk insufficient stimulating milk secretion good medicine of lying-in woman; Zhe Luo is the large-scale carnivorous fish in cool swimming skill salmon, is one of the scarce cold water fingerlings of the world, can cook fillings and make dumplings, braise the sliced fish etc. ; FaLuo, smaller than ZheLuo, but the habits and acquired characteristics are similar, the meat is delicious should cook the soup ; Ya Luo, Tong Luo, Hu Luo all belong to small-scale fish, heavy more than 0.33 meters long most.

>>The Fangzheng paper-cut
The Fangzheng paper-cut local color is strong, the pattern is succinct and clear, it is strong, in many styles, abundant in content to summarize strength, the craft is fine and smooth, creating idea and the whole are basically breaking the folk paper-cut mode category that follow a set routine on the creation, the appeal, interest are strong, generous naturally, the artistic language is more clear, the style is becoming better and approaching perfection day by day.

>>The Harbin knit embroiders
Knit and embroider and is also called the Sonmgjiang knit and embroider in Harbin, on the basis of embroidering, the craft of adopting the hook, forming, knitting etc. was refined. Its raw materials take flax of the local product in the province of Heilongjiang as the core, the variety has tablecloth, napkin, a cushion, cushion, sofa cushion, bedspread, mandarin coat, etc. It is use characteristic as spot, line, Taxi magnitude, how much, density, have an area of, such as being right and wrong, pattern of various animals and plants, the actual situation is alternate, rhythmical and mixing, organizing having meters in verse, use the carve empty-handed to embroider, hook knit, knit, inlay special craft of piecing together etc., the composition is beautiful, craft novel, knit embroider messy, seeing whole, see very in being flat, style unique, take the fancy of domestic and international customer, praised as " north of the Great Wall flower of newly ".

>>The print of Acheng area
The print of Acheng was created and started at the beginning of the sixties of the 20th century, affected by print of the Great Northern Wilderness at that time, began to sprout, with its novel and unique northern part of the country scene and strong local color, win the favorable comment, the whole county has already formed a print with considerable scale and created the colony so far. Successively created 483 works prints, 229 national selected pieces of art exhibit are above the province level, 137 works published on the national newspapers and periodicals above the province level, some works go to countries to exchange and exhibit, such as Japan, Canada, Romania, Belgium,etc.

>>The handicraft picture wheat straw
Handicraft picture of wheat straw was evolved from the sixties of the 20th century, the actors drew lessons from the folk paper-cut skill and technique, update and innovate and make. Process the raw materials of wheat straw first, make wheat straw paper, then make the fetus type according to the designing requirement, according to picture subject matter, use craft separately as iron, dye and cut, carve, rob hair, tear hair, process kind wheat straw paste on fetus type, end paint add luster to. The picture background adopts and gushes out the craft of painting multi-lawyerly, the level is clear, the three-dimensional effect is strong, personages displayed, graceful naturally, the handicraft created all antique. The handicraft picture of wheat straw takes the fancy of domestic and international customer with its unique artistic style; find a good sale in more than 20 countries and regions in the world.

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