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Welcome to Harbin!
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Harbin Overview

Harbin is the city under the jurisdiction of the provincial government of Heilongjiang. it is the provincial capital of province of Heilongjiang too. Lie in the south of province of Heilongjiang, the east of the Songnen plain. There is 1288 kilometers from the south to Capital of Beijing. Lie between east longitude 125 42 ' more than 130 degrees ', during the 44 04 ' 46 point 40 degrees ' north latitude. The Northeast adjoin with Jiamusi city, the north meet with Leihua city, boarded with Zhaodong city by the west, join in the Fuyu county Jilin province to south, link with Hailin administered by city of Mudanjiang in the east. Have jurisdiction over 7 district and 8 county such as Nangang District now, Daoli district, Daowai district, peaceful district, Xiangfang district, Dongli district, Pingfang district, Bayan county, Hulan county, Bing county, Yilan county, Yanshou county, Mulan county, Tonghe county, Fangzheng county, manage the city of Wuchang city, Shuangcheng city, Acheng city and Shangzhi city.
Harbin total population is 9,462,000; urban population is 3,298,000 people among them. Residents take the Han nationality as the core, has 31 ethnic minorities such as Man, Mongolia, Hui, Korea, Xibe, Zhuang Russia. The west is Songnen plain, terrain smooth, low-lying, the east is ZhangGuangcai mountain, Wandashan mountain and litter Xing'an mountain range, mostly the low mountain area, above sea level among 110- 160 meters, the highest peak is Santudingzi of Shangzhi city which 1637.6 meters above the sea level. The mountain region accounts for 33.25 of the whole area, the hills account for 21.43, the plain accounts for 45.32.
The temperate is continental monsoon climate in Harbin, long summer and short winter; make a clear distinction between the four seasons, known as "ice city" of Harbin. The whole average temperature of the whole year is 3.1 ?, extreme high temperature is 36.2 ?, the minimum temperature is- 41.4 ? most.. Annual average precipitation is 567 millimeters, 150 days of frost-free period, form for 190 days of ice age. Harbin area is under jurisdiction distributed in tertiary steps that form on the ground by SongHua River mainly. River belong to SongHua River, Mudan river department, have 46 rivers as Song Hua River, Hulan river, Ash river, Lalin river, Mudanjiang river, Woken river and so on. Precipitation is mainly concentrated on June - September; the per capita occupancy volume of water resource in the whole city is 1363 cubic meters. The mineral resources in Harbin are abundant, have already found 83 kinds of mineral products of various kinds, has verified 25 kinds that are for industry to utilize, among them 20 kinds of mineral products such as the coal, natural gas occupy the important position in Heilongjiang province. The plant resources in Harbin are abundant, various in style. Medical plants such as Wild ginseng, cork ,etc among them, edible plants such as the Fern Lai, Weicai, etc, edible funguses such as hedgehog hyenas mushroom , Auricular, etc, wild oil such as pine nut , fibers all have very high economic worth which have important export resources. There are more kinds and quantity of the wild animal of Harbin, there are one kind many kinds of countries and class II protected animals such as Manchurian tiger's white storks.

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