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Welcome to Harbin!
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The best tour time in Harbin

Harbin is located the east longitude 12638' north latitude 4546', It is the country that the most north, the highest latitude, the lowest temperature. It is the temperate zone continental monsoon climate, the annual temperature is only 3.6 ?, the coldest monthly temperature amounts to about the below zero 18 degree, because often receives Siberia coldly to do the air mass and subtropics warm wet air mass influence, the climate cold, long winter and short summer, the snow time for half year, the winter ice period is specially long, therefore has the name of "ice city". The summer and winter two seasons are the Harbin best tourist seasons. The weather of Harbin summer is cool, the pleasant weather, green trees form the shadow, and it is the ideal place of summer vacation. The winter also have snow, although is cold, everywhere may see ice and snow scenery which actually like the Jiangnan region of rivers and lakes. Only has strolls to the Chinese and foreign the Harbin ice lantern garden party which enjoys a good reputation, you can realize to the infinite charm which this only is severely cold can grant.

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