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Welcome to Harbin!
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Harbin History

Harbin area in FuYu, the Bohai Sea, Liao period separately belong to FuYu country, Bohai Sea country office and Dongjingdao of the Liao Dynasty. A.D. 1114, The Nvzhen head Wanyanaguda leadership soldiers to resistance Liao enemy, launch the fight that " Ningjiangzhou", "CHuhedian", defeat 100,000 soldier of Liao, proclaimed oneself emperor in 1115, set up Jin nation, the title of an emperor's reign Shouguo, the office Huining (the site of Beijing in the city of A of today) while establishing a capital, Harbin is the areas of capital city and its environs of Beijing on gold. When Yuan Ming Dynasty, Harbin become Genghis Khan Three younger brothers Ganjin family and Nuergan jurisdiction managed again. After Qing Dynasty set up, in the 21st year of Qianlong (1756) supposes Alachuke officer in the acheng all series, Harbin is had jurisdiction over by it. middle and later Qing Dynasty periods, with implementation of policy that" lift a ban, put wasteland " " Beijing flag move to land", a large number of Man, Han nationality migrate to Harbin .
In 1896, Russia lured the Qing Government into signing the unequal "Sino-Russia secret agreement", obtained build right of the railway of the Middle East. Build the railway of the Middle East centered in Harbin since 1897, Harbin begins to build as the city. In 1898, Russia once renamed as Harbin " Song Hua River city ", replied and called the market of Harbin again in 1903. Chinese Government set up the Bingjinag county in the bank in Harbin in 1913, set up the Bingjiang road in 1914. The municipal administration bureau of Harbin was established in 1921, the special city of Harbin was established in 1926, regained the administrative power controlled by the molecule of Russia for a long time. In 1931, the Japanese launched the September 18th Incident, occupied the whole northeast, establish false Harbin special city in July 1933, abrogate special city again in July 1937, change Harbin false Bingjiang province city under the jurisdiction of the provincial government in July 1933. On August 15, 1945, after Japan surrendered, Harbin was the central municipality directly under the Central Government of national government. On April 28, 1946, the democratic allied forces in the Northeast took over Harbin; Harbin became the first big city that the Communist Party of China took over. In May the same year, Harbin belongs to Songjiang river province that establish newly, rename as the special city of Harbin in November. Replied and called Harbin in 1949. Changed into a central municipality directly under the Central Government in 1953, it is managed by the Northeastern executive council. In August of 1954, Harbin was city under the jurisdiction of the provincial government and provincial capital of Heilongjiang. After 1958, the administrative were changed numerous times. In August of 1996, Song Hua River area and Harbin shut and made up new Harbin city with the approval of the State Council.

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