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Welcome to Harbin!
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Harbin Cuisine

The cooking culture of Harbin diet may well be rich and colorful, there is sediment of the cooking culture of Jing Yuan Dynasty through the ages, there are wild foods of local characteristic delicacy from mountain too, there are results from modern plural cultural exchanges, these have formed unique culture of food and beverage in Harbin, as the flavor of Harbin, its characteristic can summarize as "appear beautiful in being sincere, contain quintessence in being rough ". the famous special restaurant of Harbin are the floor of Futai, Beilaishun, Jiangnanchun, Sigma restaurant, Fucheng fat beef hot pot city, Laodu-one dumpling hall, eastern dumpling king, Wuji sauced bone stew restaurant, etc.

The introduces of some special features snack

>>Harbin big bread
Called Palestine also, known as a special skill of Harbin, it is the unique flavor food in Harbin. The large such bread is round, it is weigh 2.5 kilograms, taste is special and fragrant, and have traditional European flavors. The big bread after making, the crust is burnt and fragile, the interior flesh is soft, perfume is unique, should preserve, it is the all-ages instant food.

>>Crisp of Heli
It is belong to bread kind of foods. It is not only crisp, fragrant, sweet and delicious, but also nutritious, easy to digest, it is patient's ideal food of stomach trouble. In addition, because it lacks water, is suitable for preserving, should not be rotten, it is the food which tourists like carrying on business.

>>Laoding Feng cake
It is the famous cake of Harbin. The moon cake is the most famous, loose and favorable, fine and smooth soft, smell unique, and the characteristic of putting pensioning for a long time but perfume particularly.

>>The deer's tail of clear soup
The main materials are deer's muscle, deer's tail, and deer's meat. It is always been the famous and precious cooked food in the feast, especially the soup dish taking the deer's tail and cooking is famous and more precious. Deer's tail can invigorate the kidney, strengthen Yang, relax the muscles and stimulate the blood circulation, nourish efficiency is winter best tonic. Its characteristic is firing with the deer's tail which housed,. It is white tail and clear soup, the venison is crisp and fragrant, flavor and delicious.

>>Jingzi brand pine nut litter stomach
Meat products of Zhengyang floor of Harbin is unique flavor. Mainly render palatable with the fragrance of the pine nut, the color is overflowing in fragrance after cutting, fertile but not oiliness. Because of using the mug bean starch, therefore the transparency is good, delicate and whippy; it is thin and not breaking to pieces.

>>Crystal sugar snow
The frog is the field chicken, by the reputation is one of Heilongjiang "four rare things" Its most precious part is the frog oil. This vegetable takes the clam gentleman frog oil as main material. Take the frog oil with the hot water, cooks with the crystal sugar boils, and auxiliary cooks with the green plum. The product luster bright, sweet but the delicate fragrance, has the phlegm reduction to cool down the merit.

>>Boils in its own broth without soy sauce boils the colored fish
Spend fish clean up first, put into chicken soup again, in addition, auxiliary condiment boil at fire together, put ancient moon noodles adjust sour hot taste and food into with vinegar finally. The characteristic is that the color is white, the soup is delicious, and the meat is tender and delicious.

>>Jingbo carp silk
It is a traditional delicacy of lakeside, it is meticulous, exquisite to make. Cut open and cut the fresh and fresh gold carp alive with the sharp knife, fetch the meat of both sides of the chest, cut a filament eight inches long, soak and wait for fish silk become with mature vinegar powder white form take out, install record, again " acupuncture needle ", " melon leaf fragrant " among the rare foods to put the silk in the disk, jade green, golden yellow, the powder contrasts finely with in vain. Finally, water enters tender cucumber juice, coriander juice, garlic in syrup juice, little to rub condiments such as sesame oil, ginger juice. The characteristic is fragile and fresh, fragrant slippery and comfortable, agreeable to the taste.

>>Jianghai brake tender leaf
Brake tender leaf fresh water desalination first, bubble go saline taste, and then sends and blanches the water, pull out and dry the water. Plain with refined salt, smell subsequently, the Chinese prickly ash oil is mixed well. Then slivers an inch section with the knife, pack into the plate, assumes presenting type. The big first-class rice that will be selected for use, steep softly with the hot water, yard is on brake tender leaf, The characteristic is that this dish contains many kinds of vitamins, the nutritive value is very high, taste is delicious, pleasant to the palate, light and refined.

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