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Welcome to Harbin!
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The Festival celebration of Harbin

>>Harbin ice and snow festival
Annual ice and snow festival of Harbin is hold from every December to January of next year; this is the first regional festival celebration activity of organization in our country that regard ice and snow as content. Annual Harbin ice and snow festival all hold the large-scale winter swimming match, the scene is very grand. With ice and snow festival of Japan, winter section of Canada, skiing festival of Norway and claim world four major ice and snow festival. When the time comes, visitors can reach the beautiful scenery that Harbin see the ice lantern, snow carving , appreciate the ice and snow theatrical evening, can also participate in the amusement project of a lot of ice and snow. Harbin ice lantern and snow carving art have already become one of three major wonderful works of art of world ice and snow.

>>The concert of Harbin
The concert of Harbin Chinese Concert at the summer (abbreviate as "summer such as Kazakhstan will ") is gala at the music national-level, each one is held on the 6 - 15 of August every other year, it lasts 10 days. The concert in summer in Harbin is the original creation of the people in Harbin who love the high art, large-scale, the groups of stars assemble, has already become a music artist's cradle. It is local tradition Music Day to already sublimate now, become our country's traditional music gala too, it is one of China " three major concerts ", and establish the position of the music well-known city of Harbin from this.

>>Ice festival roll
Ice festival roll is local folk custom, have a long history, at night on Lantern Festival, people light the candle, various figures are put on the river surface, meanwhile, men and women, old and young , arrive ice-bound river surface roll and play, it is said , can roll , go worried, roll the calamity, roll good luck , roll happiness.

>>Ice Lantern Fair of folk
Ice Lantern Fair, going on during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, generally all put an ice lantern made by oneself to one's own courtyard. Expand progressively with scale of cultural and recreational activity, begin square or place of entertainment in village engaged in ice lantern make match activity. This kind of activity, has added the strong festive air to village.

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