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Welcome to Harbin!
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The amusement in Harbin

The characteristics recreation amusements in Harbin are skiing and go hunting. The project that especially skied, this year has come to already form the comprehensive travel project with abundant content in Harbin, there are sled, iceboating, skate, ice the top, even have projects such as winter swimming ,etc., main place have inferior cloth strength ski area, two Longshan dragon pearl ski area, amusement park, ice and snow old world, Song Hua River winter swimming outdoor bathing place ,etc. In addition, it is a distinctive travel project in Harbin is go hunting, going hunting on horse, wild barbecue, contrast finely with each other, Yuquan hunting ground, flat mountain hunting ground are all good going hunting in the destination. Certainly can't without the midnight snack of early morning tea, building up body, cold drinking, coffee tea show, KTV amount of bathing amusement and recreation of buying to sell etc. too.

 Night club:

Name address
The night club of song and dance No. 21 of Lin street
Zero point city Jingyu the south two street
Hezhong hotel night department meeting No. 212 of Gongle Street
Holy Land inferior brother night club railway street No. 24
8Fu night clubs The third floor of youth palace
The central night club No. 32 of central street
The night club of Asia No. 60 of Lin Street
Weimingdun crazy city thousand people's disco Longjiang street 45 No.the fourth floor
Telai night club The Changjiang River road No. 55
Mingren night club The west heavy straight street No. 100
Tianquan night club Civilization street No. 48
Famous model's OK disc night club No. 403 of Garden Street

 The theater and cinema:

Name address
Theater of international fair centre Nangang customs street
Northern theater Nouth west loud frank street of No1
Beijing opera of Heilongjiang province institute South Zhongshan way of Nangang district
Harbin city modern drama institute The district ZhaoLin street No. 60
The opera and ballet theatre of province of Heilongjiang Daoli district forest road
Harbin music hall Daoli district red special street No.10
Beijing opera of Harbin city institute Daowai district of the south little six street No137
Pingju opera of Heilongjiang province institute Daowai district north 3 street No 19
The news cinema Jingyuan street No. 374 of Faowai district
Red Star cinema Daobei district 16 Street No. 48

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